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PhD programme opportunity as a part of ETN project “ImplantSens”

Early stage researcher position at University of Limerick (IR) is waiting for an aspiring scholar….


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Effects of the sources of calcium and phosphorus on the structural and functional properties of ceramic coatings on titanium dental implants produced by plasma electrolytic oxidation

The authors are: S. Kyrylenko, F. Warchoł, O. Oleshko, Y. Husak, A. Kazek-Kęsik, V. Korniienk1, V. Deineka, M. Sowa, A. Maciej, J. Michalska, A. Jakóbik-Kolon, I. Matuła, M. Basiaga, V. Hulubnycha, A. Stolarczyk, M. Pisarek, O. Mishchenko, M. Pogorielov, W. Simka
Published in: Mater. Sci. Eng. C 119 (2021) 111607


In Vitro Biological Characterization of Silver-Doped Anodic Oxide Coating on Titanium

The authors are: O. Oleshko, I. Liubchak, Y. Husak, V. Korniienko, A. Yusupova, T. Oleshko, R. Banasiuk, Marek Szkodo, I. Matros-Taranets, A. Kazek-Kęsik, W. Simka, M. Pogorielov
Published in: Materials 13(19) (2020) 4359–4370


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